About TES

  • In 1850, the first classroom of what is now known as Talent Elementary, with 4 students enrolled, was established at Fort Wagner. Mt. Vernon School, a 16x32 pine log structure, was completed in 1854 and used by the community for social gatherings and Sunday School. During the next 45 years, many schools were built all over Talent. Three of those structures remain today.

    In 1911, a three-story brick building was built where Talent Elementary's "round building" and gym now stand. The round building was not completed until 1974.

    Many of the staff live and are involved in the community of Talent. TES has built itself into a strong, happy, safe, and supportive environment for students and staff. We have an excellent bilingual immersion program at all grade levels. The future strength of Talent Elementary School lies in celebrating our unique diversity and continuing to work in partnership with the community to implement the 21st Century Schools Act.