Abuse and Sexual Conduct Training for SB155 Volunteer/Contractor/Parent

    1. Go to the training site.

    2. Click Register button

    3. Enter the code (codes are below for contractor, volunteer, and parent)

    4. Create a username and enter your name.

    5. Click location and select your member's entity name. This is an important step to ensure the entity receives your training certification. It’s also important to save the PDF version of your certification for future use or with other entities you may visit or work with.

    6. Start the training and complete it at your convenience.

    7. Once you have successfully finished the training, a record of the class will be provided to print. A record will also be stored in the entity you selected showing completion of the course.


    •     Contractor: 53ae6612

    •     Volunteer: 093efff6

    •     Parent: dc07938a