PTRA K-5th Grade Elementary Program

Elementary Kids
  • Do you want to homeschool your child but feel overwhelmed by curriculum choices, planning, testing, socialization, or subjects you don’t understand well? PTRA teachers provide everything you need--lesson plans & curriculum, instruction through Google Meet, and optional in-person activities--while your child learns at home with you. 

    We provide reading, writing, and math curricula, and optional hands-on STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, math) classes. Science and social studies are open-ended to fit your child’s learning needs.   

    We offer monthly field trip opportunities to places like ScienceWorks and Wildlife Images for the whole family.

    Is it hard for your child to focus in a noisy, busy classroom? Do they struggle to sit still or learn better one-on-one? Learning at home means fewer distractions and a personalized schedule that works for you.

    PTRA gives you the flexibility and control of at-home learning. Other than the Morning Meets, you are free to create a schedule for your child to learn in a way that works for your lifestyle. 

    Our online curriculum targets students’ specific reading and math needs to fill holes or move students above grade level, and we offer extra instruction for struggling students.