About OHES

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    Established in 1983, Orchard Hill Elementary is entering its 35th year of operation. Over the years, we have worked diligently to create a sense of school community. The Phoenix-Talent student attendance area is large in scope and covers three cities, yet there exists a sense of family between district schools, students, parents, staff, community, district level support, and our school board.

    Since OHES is the newest of the elementary schools, we have gone about creating our own traditions by establishing a stellar reputation for academics and supporting active participation from our PTA as well as our school and business partners. Several years ago, our school was able to obtain several grants which enabled us to create programs that would benefit our students in the long run. Through these “restructuring grants”, we have established programs that continue to keep OHES focused on state standards and the well-being of our students. We are a Title I school and our student transit rate is above 30%, thus making it important to continually seek new opportunities to better serve our students.

    Orchard Hill has a highly motivated, professional, dedicated staff. The key to our success is having a staff that is willing to grow and is open to change. The care and love for children, and a desire to model lifelong learning is and will always be the focus of the OHES staff. Our willingness to work and grow together in order to teach our children safety, respect and responsibility, along with the opportunity to succeed, will always be an Orchard Hill tradition.