Test to Stay

Test-to-stay is a testing program which allows students and staff without symptoms who are not up to date on their COVID-19 vaccination to remain in Oregon’s K-12 schools during their quarantine period. When this testing is combined with several layers of mitigation, including universal indoor masking, physical distancing, cohorting, and improved ventilation, the risk of transmission in these settings is minimized. Following the CDC recommendation of a 5-day quarantine period, the test-to-stay protocol’s eligibility and testing timeframes have been updated to align. OHA has provided details on these updates here. Following are some important things to keep in mind regarding the test-to-stay program:

  • Test-to-stay is restricted to classroom, school bus, and other indoor school setting exposures in which universal masking is consistently implemented.
  • Test-to-stay may not be used following extracurricular exposures because masking in these settings is optional and the risk of transmission within the cohort is greater due to the nature of extracurricular activities. Similarly, test-to-stay may not be used following community or in-home exposures.
  • Students in schools that have opted into test-to-stay can remain on campus as long as they test negative on day 1 and again between day 3 and 5 of exposure.
  • Students and staff participating in test-to-stay may participate in school-related extracurricular activities during the modified quarantine period but must mask at all times during those extracurricular activities.

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